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Introducing Mrs. A’s Kitchen!




Mrs. A is no ordinary Chef.


Cooking is her identity. Cooking is her passion. Cooking is her life.


Born in Bangladesh and the youngest of 6 Siblings, she had a happy childhood with fond memories of cooking from an early age alongside her Mum.


She arrived in the UK in the 1980’s and this has been her home ever since.


She had a busy time raising her 5 children in Salford, where she lived for 30 years.


Her family are ALL proud Salfordians!


Ever since she began cooking there has never been a day where Mrs. A hasn’t made fresh food.


She takes immense pleasure knowing that her Family and Friends are well fed and their taste buds are truly tingled.    


Mrs. A doesn’t eat in Indian Restaurants.




Most of us love Indian Food and Curries, Mrs. A believes that a number of Indian restaurants offer too many generic dishes, moreover Chefs who cook and serve Indian Cuisine in the UK predominantly hail from Bangladesh.


We believe the concept is outdated and want to reinvigorate how food from the Indian Subcontinent is served.   


Our solution is simple.


Mrs. A cooks a handful of Bengali dishes that are prepared fresh every day.


These will be packed with flavour and will leave you wanting more!


There will never be a case of “every dish tastes the same”.


Our Menus vary Day & Night over a Quarterly Period and will consist of Curries, Fried Snacks, Pakoras & Small Bites, Grilled Meats & Fish and Mouth Watering Biryanis served in Handmade Clay Pots.


Mrs. A will be making different homemade Bengali dishes every day.


In a nutshell - “If we don’t eat it…we don’t serve it!”.


Mrs. A will strive to bring her culinary skills, knowledge and craft and place them firmly into your Hearts and Tummies.


“From our Heart to your Home”

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